The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic

The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic 
Oh you, breathing life in all, origin of the gleaming sound, 
You shine in us and around us, 
even the darkness glows when we remember.
Help us to draw a holy breath, in which we feel only you and 
your sound ring in us and purify us.
May your counsel rule out lives and make our intentions 
for the common creation.
May the burning wish of your heart unify heaven and earth 
through our harmony.
Grant us daily the bread and insight that we need; 
What is necessary for the call of growing life.
Release the cords of the errors that bind us, as we let go of 
that which binds us to the faults of others.
Do not let superficial things lead us astray but instead
free us from that which holds us back.
From you come the all-effective will, the living strength to act, 
and the song that beautifies everything and which 
renews itself from age to age.
True vitality to these testimonies! 
May they be the ground out of which all my actions grow.
Sealed in trust and faith.