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For all that I am, all that I have, and all that will be.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

The BackDrop of the Jesus Drama as Portrayed in the Urantia Book

The Backdrop of the Levant and the Times of Jesus

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Mt.Gilboa, modern day
The Life and Times of Jesus

Sunday, May 08, 2011

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Today I offer more sites from our Urantia Book Brothers and Sisters. Most of these come from a Google Alert Search.
I like to explore and catalog Urantia-related sites - intended for good, bad, or unknown. I think it's important to know about what is out there that impinges upon our revelation for the good of all, bringing wo(man) to God and bringing God to (wo)man, or for those sites created by people who intend to harm others or those who have lost their way. The knowing is important, but what we do with it is supremely important.

I provide sites that are even embarrassing for the 99.9999% of Urantia Book readers who are the most reasonable, sane, and average people you will ever meet.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Adrift At Sea or Merely Enjoying the View?

"When the 'Way is clear', sometimes one is not sure where to go."

That has echoed my sentiment in the past. Fortunately, that's not where I am right now and I am happy about that. But, The Urantia Book reminds us to remain alert about moving forward in this "forward struggle" . How do we do this when we feel at times we are like this little boat on a big blue ocean, no apparent things in site, adrift?
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I think it's helpful to actually "step out" of our current thinking and move into another "space". I can easily accomplish this by writing, listening to music, reading poetry or listening to others speak. The most powerful way of self-therapeutics has been, at least for me, is talking with other believers. That may include having to get out of the house and actually travel somewhere, but there's always Skype. And more and more Urantia Book readers are starting to use Skype for weekly meetings and even for Study Group discussions. I've seen recorded Skype sessions from readers in Colorado.

What's important to remember is that you can control things in your own mind. There you have complete domain and freewill. And within there, you can communicate with our Father and Michael, directly. Make efforts to listen to that "still, small voice" within. You can find it.

Cool Random Links (based about or around The Urantia Book):

Jim Cleveland's Spiritual Revelation Discoveries (Autorevelation is always happening. Let's keep an open mind and take the good from it).

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Word of God is Just That.

What is the bible to You? Is it the so-called 'Word of God'?

“'The authority of truth is the very spirit that indwells its living manifestations, and not the dead words of the less illuminated and supposedly inspired men of another generation. And even if these holy men of old lived inspired and spirit-filled lives, that does not mean that their words were similarly spiritually inspired. Today we make no record of the teachings of this gospel of the kingdom lest, when I have gone, you speedily become divided up into sundry groups of truth contenders as a result of the diversity of your interpretation of my teachings. For this generation it is best that we live these truths while we shun the making of records.' " - The Urantia Book (1768.3) 159:4.7

It is within the spirit of these words, that we should interpret the instructions to go forth and proclaim the Good News through our lives and how we live them and not how we say and speak.

The 'Word of God' is Jesus of Nazereth, the Son of Man and the Son of God. Not the words from a page from a book.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Superhuman Gov't - Our Spiritual Government or "The Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men"

What can we see? Only multitudes less...

than what they can see.

After listening to the Planetary Seraphic Government, Local System Administration , and Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe , I review the criticisms and my own internal previous doubts about the Revelatory impact, validity, and realistic practicality of The Urantia Book, and then I laugh for ever entertaining, or continuing to entertain those things in my head because of the intricate pieces of information that are so clearly, concisely, and wisely put together into a cohesive and massive amount of knowledge, even an intimate overall knowledge about what they do for us; what God does for each each millisecond of each day in our forward, linear timeline. To hear it told aloud, to be able to digest this concept of underlying Love from our Father, our Creator of all; to know that we are so carefully watched over, despite "all outward appearances", we are taken care of, things are not being lost, the ball isn't dropped.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

spiritually in plain site

As I sit here in the babyplace, waiting to see if my niece wants to come early,
I read a great book, Hard After God Living Spiritually in a Practical World by Richard Rosen, I think about God's incredible relationship with us and how we are a vital spirit that God first gives us and then He asks us to give to Him. Isn't that awesome? A God who asks?
"Hey, how are you? Hey, I gave you this gift, you know, of eternal life. I was wondering if you'd do something for me. Yeah, can you just accept my Love and pass it on to others? Yeah, I've got this great adventure in store for you. No, it's not going to be all cake and ice cream, but it has an excellent finish. Well, in fact, it doesn't ever really finish. That's the cool part. But, for you, in your terms, you'll love how the finish keeps going and going. Like a beautiful thunderstorm with a cleansing rain. I have to take a little credit for that. And hey, I love you, my children. Never forget that. "

I can hardly imagine sometimes for some folks, never even know the Father. It puts me into a unique position to know these things, but still identify with and feel for those who are lost in this life.
I acknowledge that God has subjected his infinite powers to our own wills.

Human Will

Must remain Supreme, but is needed in order to attain the Supreme.


Friday, February 19, 2010

There are Many - May All Lead to One

(1278.1) 117:0.1 TO THE extent that we do the will of God in whatever universe station we may have our existence, in that measure the almighty potential of the Supreme becomes one step more actual.
-The Urantia Book.

We Make the Supreme Real by our decisions to Move Godward..
in our average human quest for that which is divine.

It and All of our Futures, is within US.

Move and See God in You and Me.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Even the Birds, but how do I......?

Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.

Matthew 10:29 -

And thus is how we are regarded in this world and the next in our personal dealings with the Father and His many helpers. We are not some forgotten, down-trodden, and rejected planet. On the contrary, we have been thrust into the "limelight" so-to-speak, as a world that has hosted the Creator of our local universe.
And so, even more than those sparrows are we to be treasured; even as they are jealous for and not of us by the many angelic peoples. They are here for us; and that we must realize that the greatest gifts and treatments require the greatest responsibilities. Will we pick those up and utilize them to their greatest expression within our own minds and souls? Will we not fall, and if we do, will we get up again and "fight the good fight of faith"?

I pray that we do. And I invite you to look at that path.
Consider it. Feel that it is something you choose. It is not forced upon you.

Love and Peace to all.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Father, Please Heal Where it Hurts


Hurting has dominated my thinking lately
and I seek your presence of Light within my soul.

Help me to get back on track in my life,
so I can more effectively serve You and others find You.

I care to find your presence within all things.
I feel growth and love within your Light.

I seek to carry that light with me throulghout my day
and throughout my life.

I seek to share that light with others,
so that they may receive your comforting presence through me,
heal me, and then help them realize your presence within themselves.

Bless all of our actions with your hand.
I feel your love flow through me and to all of the world

Help us heal ourselves and others.

Bring all of us into your presence now.
Bring all together as one, as they are meant to be, now.

Love to all in Your Presence.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Together. In The Supreme.

We are there with you in the Supreme

We are all together, in the Supreme

Know that you are not alone, in this world and the next.

There will be struggles that come. They are only struggles and not epitaphs.

Throughout all of those seasons of hardship, the eternal power and flavor of Love is there.

Accept it, as something higher than yourself and understand that it can heal you.

Then realize new levels have been reached.

New levels of sonship with God. New levels of understanding of the infinite potential power

within. The Mystery Monitor.

Accept this and the peace that passes all understanding.

When at this level, there are others below you struggling, help them up.

Only then, is the circuit complete.

Together in the Supreme.

(c)2009 Michael Bain

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Struggle - The Advanced Concepts

I think what we, as readers and believers struggle with, is the fact that the cosmology, the theology, the "God"-ology, the angelology, the Jesusonian concepts are so far advanced, that to most agnostics, they appear as science fiction and to those current religious adherents, they appear as Jesus appeared to the priests and Pharisees of his day, "quite beside himself and with devils"

This is both a wonderful and terrible challenge. More wonderful than terrible because this is a great precipice of change that we stand upon. And in order to grow, we must make that leap of faith to that enshrouded platform above us; that we do not know exists.
I highly recommend this reading: Why Doth The Heathen Rage?
And listening (Interview with David Kantor): Listen to The Cosmic Citizen on Blog Talk Radi

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wordpress Blog Replies

My reply to a person's reply on a Wordpress blog about the Urantia Book. See the first link for the details.

Hello *******-

Your response is interesting. I did not know that there were books that captured every single moment of Jesus' life, from birth to death, including his mission to all of the areas around Rome with an Indian merchant and his son (4th section of The Urantia Book (scroll down to see section 4)) .
Could you also please provide me with the book that captures all of the details on Paper 48, The Morontia Life (
I'd also like to see the books that document these concepts as well:
Paper 11 - The Eternal Isle of Paradise (
Paper 13- The Sacred Spheres of Paradise (
I don't need to go on ad nauseum. There are some things that just cannot be explained away within our limited material understanding of the universe. The universe is much much much larger than we ever imagined and there is an infinite number of things for us to learn before we can say with certainty that we know all and see all.
Keep an open mind in your studies of things and it will take you farther than you ever could imagine.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TM/TeaM/T/R: Unconscious Sophistry or Benign Restatements of The Urantia Book?

So, I read the TM/T/R site and was impressed with the organization of the website. My words of praise stop there. Why? After reading through a page of their archives, I cannot sit here and celebrate mediocrity. I offer no apologies for my view. Based on my years of reading experience with The Urantia Book, I see a pattern of common concepts gleaned from the contents and either directly quoted or restated.

What are they "seeing" that other readers are not? And what makes this Teaching Mission different from this statement in The Urantia Book?

But it should be made clear that the midway creatures are not involved in the sordid performances taking place under the general designation of "spiritualism." The midwayers at present on Urantia, all of whom are of honorable standing, are not connected with the phenomena of so-called "mediumship"; 77:865:8

There are many admonitions in The Urantia Book against so-called mysticism, transcedental states, and "islands" of focal attention.

Everyone needs to go back and read 1099! Sheesh! Read what is and isn't true spiritual nature! It occurs in the commonplace soul of glad tidings and worship. Not any kind of trance or vision or what is clearly described as mystical!

Overall, this phenomenon is a rise in the subconscious of sincere and earnest believers who simply desire the age of Light and Life right here and now. Although there is nothing wrong with those sincere efforts, it can delve into dangerous areas of mental distraction, diffusion, and disorder when taken to an extreme. There are no obstacles between us and our own indwelling Father fragment except our own inherent limitations. Given this revelation, the ongoing experience of personal growth (tempered with real experience in the real world), and a true sense of 'Reality Response', one can foster a personal (note stress on the word, 'personal') spiritual experience. But, only when tempered with wisdom and discretion should it be distilled and shared with others.
No one can substitute a personal religious experience for another's.


Monday, June 01, 2009

Why The Urantia Book is not Plagiarism: An Argument For Free License From God

From the Forward:
Accordingly, in making these presentations about God and his universe associates, we have selected as the basis of these papers more than one thousand human concepts representing the highest and most advanced planetary knowledge of spiritual values and universe meanings. -Page 17.

From Paper 101, The Real Nature of Religion:

#4. The Limitations of Revelation
"....our statements regarding the physical sciences will stand in need of revision in consequence of additional scientific developments and new discoveries. These new developments we even now foresee, but we are forbidden to include such humanly undiscovered facts in the revelatory records. Let it be made clear that revelations are not necessarily inspired. The cosmology of these revelations is not inspired." -Page 1109
(Blogger Note: While I quote from 2 different sections of The Urantia Book regarding source materials and apparent limitations of revelation, I stress that these statements and their impact must be evaluated within the context of their papers. These statements from the Revelators are simply that, and not a discount of the historical and spiritual concepts presented therein. Thus, please read the sections from which these statements are pulled in order to gain a better understanding of their context and nature.)
(Thanks to Joer, Paula, Andre, and Steve Dreier for inspiration).

When I attended the IC94 conferernce in Arizona, I first came upon Matthew Block's efforts through his presentation on the human source authors. At the time, I didn't understand the full positive impact of his statements and discoveries. In contrast, I was quite taken aback and was moved to contradict him publicly during the session about a matter of semantics concerning the Midwayers (I don't remember the exact details). I later felt embarrassed about the whole thing, even though I never sought an apology. Years later, my correspondence with Matt has been cordial. Later, I also realized that I had forgotten about my father's controversial Time Bombs and his personal admonitions to me about the human content, the implications and limitations of revealing eternal truth, and presenting the nature of an infinite being in a limited material sphere in our limited material language.
In my total evolving view of truth, human thought, and spiritual concepts, I have come to realize that despite the fact that The Urantia Book uses concepts from human authors, I no longer perceive plagiarism for these reasons:
  • The Revelators never explicitly claim sole authorship. They are portrayed as sponsors, presenters, etc. Never are they portrayed as sole authors, or do they express sole authorship except in the Table of Contents. (There are claims that the TOC was written by a Bill Sadler).
  • The Revelators edited and expanded borrowed material in order to provide a further insight into a concept explored by the human authors. Additionally, they made corrections to material as well.
  • The Urantia Book is not sold for profit. All of the associations (Urantia Foundation, Truthbook, Urantia Book Fellowship, are non-profits). The Urantia Book has never been marked up to a true retail price. Comparable college textbooks of that size and depth would be upwards of $50.00. This, in and of itself, does not lend directly to a discount of supposed plagiarism. It is the implied exclusion of the book from the true retail price range that would imply this statement.
  • If one is truly embedded by the Faith of God, then the conclusion that all glory belongs to God. There are no visible authors to take credit for the concepts of The Urantia Book. Because of this, all credit needs to go to God, the originator, creator, and establisher of all that is, including our faith, and our creative minds that come up with the ideas about God. Do we not realize that the highest ideas about God come from God through the ministry of Spirit and the Father's indwelling Thought Adjusters? This abrogates all past, present, and future claims of ownership to "exclusive spiritual knowledge" .
I like to think of the idea of borrowing and loaning concepts. Like I said before, if we stop and accept God's Grace and partnership with God in this eternal adventure, it is self-evident that all things about God are from God. This shouldn't lessen or discourage folks from the idea of original, imaginative concepts. It should inspire them to challenge themselves to dig deeper for even more ideas and ideals. Even as new channels deepen in the areas of an evolving brain, should we strive to learn more about God's infinite nature; study more about God, and pray for more insight and understanding of our eternal destinies and all along the way, help others who stumble, and love those who are not yet ready for these giant steps of faith.

I wish you all peace.

Some links I have explored today:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cosmic Consciousness - Reality Response

Reality Response(from Paper 16, The Seven Master Spirits in The Urantia Book):
"There exists in all personality associations of the cosmic mind a quality which might be denominated the "reality response." It is this universal cosmic endowment of will creatures which saves them from becoming helpless victims of the implied a priori assumptions of science, philosophy, and religion." - P.191

The Reality Response, as named, has prevented me from becoming or adopting dogmatic ideas and adhering to overly mystical concepts.

A book to check out: Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind is the title of a 1901 book by Richard Maurice Bucke.

2 Things I am struggling with right now:
  • Coming to grips with Christian Fundamentalism
  • Executing the Service Motive desires inherent within me.
Defining those Service Motive desires
Acting upon them.

Themes for upcoming blogs:
The Inner Work (Thanks to Cosmic Citizen and Gard Jamison for that idea).

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cool Quote From TruthBook


The family is the channel through which the river of culture and knowledge flows from one generation to another.

The Urantia Book, Page 931 (84:0.2)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cultural Shift; External Paradigm Shift

Paper 48, The Morontia Life in The Urantia Book, states:
What magic could death, the natural dissolution of the material body, hold that such a simple step should instantly transform the mortal and material mind into an immortal and perfected spirit?
The author goes on to describe such a belief as "pleasing fables" and "ignorant superstition". There goes my cloud and harp fantasy, dang.
And so, we are launched into a new world, a new existence, a new body, and then finally, the realization, that we are immersed in a whole new culture and way of life. Something so different, so indescribable from Urantia life that we cannot be given all the details because of our currently limited animal-based minds, our pre-conceived notions, our inherent selfish desires, and our quest to worship all things sub-God. There is a true danger of giving too much too soon. We can take this implied and explicitly stated advice to heart.
As I move further into the audio narratives of the worlds of Morontia origin and destiny, I can't help but get a new flavor from the audio content of The Urantia Book that I had never felt before from reading. (And I am a visual person) The audio soundscapes laid out to my mind a world not so fantastic to be so far removed from this current material world, to make me realize that we truly will start up where we left off here. And then it goes into further thought: what kind of projects are we involved in that will truly deem survival value in our Thought Adjusters? And this leads back to the Master's admonitions, advice, and warnings. We must offer service to others. We must guide them into truth, but only if their minds are seeking that truth.
What kind of service can we offer? Some of the most basic: being there for someone; holding someone's hand as they face physical death, being there for that child as they face challenges that they never should have (rehabilitating abuse victims, appearing in court as a temporary guardian for children, playing games with children in structured programs like Big Brothers/Big Sisters), being with seniors, who have a wealth of lifetimes to share with those who would just listen.
It's all so simple, but serious. So I realize more of it everyday.

Blessings to You. And remember, the Master said to Peter, "Feed my sheep."


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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Imagine a world where everyone is dedicated to serving one another and living for a single purpose. The Urantia Book, above all else, teaches and stresses the 2 real Commandments the Master gave us:  

When I read the criticism and fear (not hatred) that is thrown forth from Christian websites about The Urantia Book and all that surrounds it, I am saddened because the full message of Jesus lies within its pages.  It will burst forth into the world and take over all. But, if not from within maybe from within another existing religion?  Islam?  Buddhism? Or can we gain the support of the Angels of Progress in liasion with our Thought Adjusters, Primary and Secondary Midwayers to effect the "discovery" of the Master's Teachings right within Christianity? 
We may never know within my lifetime. We can certainly sow the seeds for change. And if the conditions are not right, may the seeds sown be strong enough to survive the frost of agnosticism, disbelief, atheism, and fundamentalism to await the day when they are ready to break through the old ground of theology and bloom the new revelation of Love and Service. 
May we all contribute toward that worthy goal. My prayer is toward that, above all else.