Father, Please Heal Where it Hurts


Hurting has dominated my thinking lately
and I seek your presence of Light within my soul.

Help me to get back on track in my life,
so I can more effectively serve You and others find You.

I care to find your presence within all things.
I feel growth and love within your Light.

I seek to carry that light with me throulghout my day
and throughout my life.

I seek to share that light with others,
so that they may receive your comforting presence through me,
heal me, and then help them realize your presence within themselves.

Bless all of our actions with your hand.
I feel your love flow through me and to all of the world

Help us heal ourselves and others.

Bring all of us into your presence now.
Bring all together as one, as they are meant to be, now.

Love to all in Your Presence.