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Today I offer more sites from our Urantia Book Brothers and Sisters. Most of these come from a Google Alert Search.
I like to explore and catalog Urantia-related sites - intended for good, bad, or unknown. I think it's important to know about what is out there that impinges upon our revelation for the good of all, bringing wo(man) to God and bringing God to (wo)man, or for those sites created by people who intend to harm others or those who have lost their way. The knowing is important, but what we do with it is supremely important.

I provide sites that are even embarrassing for the 99.9999% of Urantia Book readers who are the most reasonable, sane, and average people you will ever meet.


  1. Here's more:

  2. Yes, some are indeed embarassing for the true students and readers of the Urantia Book. But then the majority minds in our era are imperfect and such things are bound to happen. Let us not be over anxious about such bad things that keep happening. After all Caligatia and his team are free to facilitate their nefarious designs even now !

    1. Hello Rajan-
      Thank you for the post. I tend to agree, even though I feel conflicted and I feel some kind of pity (even though I know I shouldn't) for those who concern themselves with the destruction of other's beliefs even for so-called noble purposes (their own perception of noble purposes).
      I know that there will be correction, even for myself, by a vast host of now-invisible beings who care about us and watch over us, much like children, as so many of us are, scared and frightened, huddling together in the corner, wondering if we will ever see the light come out of the darkness.
      We will, my scared brothers and sisters, we will.



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