spiritually in plain site

As I sit here in the babyplace, waiting to see if my niece wants to come early,
I read a great book, Hard After God Living Spiritually in a Practical World by Richard Rosen, I think about God's incredible relationship with us and how we are a vital spirit that God first gives us and then He asks us to give to Him. Isn't that awesome? A God who asks?
"Hey, how are you? Hey, I gave you this gift, you know, of eternal life. I was wondering if you'd do something for me. Yeah, can you just accept my Love and pass it on to others? Yeah, I've got this great adventure in store for you. No, it's not going to be all cake and ice cream, but it has an excellent finish. Well, in fact, it doesn't ever really finish. That's the cool part. But, for you, in your terms, you'll love how the finish keeps going and going. Like a beautiful thunderstorm with a cleansing rain. I have to take a little credit for that. And hey, I love you, my children. Never forget that. "

I can hardly imagine sometimes for some folks, never even know the Father. It puts me into a unique position to know these things, but still identify with and feel for those who are lost in this life.
I acknowledge that God has subjected his infinite powers to our own wills.

Human Will

Must remain Supreme, but is needed in order to attain the Supreme.