Superhuman Gov't - Our Spiritual Government or "The Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men"

What can we see? Only multitudes less...

than what they can see.

After listening to the Planetary Seraphic Government, Local System Administration , and Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe , I review the criticisms and my own internal previous doubts about the Revelatory impact, validity, and realistic practicality of The Urantia Book, and then I laugh for ever entertaining, or continuing to entertain those things in my head because of the intricate pieces of information that are so clearly, concisely, and wisely put together into a cohesive and massive amount of knowledge, even an intimate overall knowledge about what they do for us; what God does for each each millisecond of each day in our forward, linear timeline. To hear it told aloud, to be able to digest this concept of underlying Love from our Father, our Creator of all; to know that we are so carefully watched over, despite "all outward appearances", we are taken care of, things are not being lost, the ball isn't dropped.