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My reply to a person's reply on a Wordpress blog about the Urantia Book. See the first link for the details.

Hello *******-


Your response is interesting. I did not know that there were books that captured every single moment of Jesus' life, from birth to death, including his mission to all of the areas around Rome with an Indian merchant and his son (4th section of The Urantia Bookhttp://mercy.urantia.org/papers/toc.html (scroll down to see section 4)) .
Could you also please provide me with the book that captures all of the details on Paper 48, The Morontia Life (http://mercy.urantia.org/papers/paper48.html)?
I'd also like to see the books that document these concepts as well:
Paper 11 - The Eternal Isle of Paradise (http://mercy.urantia.org/papers/paper11.html)
Paper 13- The Sacred Spheres of Paradise (http://mercy.urantia.org/papers/paper13.html)
I don't need to go on ad nauseum. There are some things that just cannot be explained away within our limited material understanding of the universe. The universe is much much much larger than we ever imagined and there is an infinite number of things for us to learn before we can say with certainty that we know all and see all.
Keep an open mind in your studies of things and it will take you farther than you ever could imagine.



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