Our Struggle - The Advanced Concepts

I think what we, as readers and believers struggle with, is the fact that the cosmology, the theology, the "God"-ology, the angelology, the Jesusonian concepts are so far advanced, that to most agnostics, they appear as science fiction and to those current religious adherents, they appear as Jesus appeared to the priests and Pharisees of his day, "quite beside himself and with devils"

This is both a wonderful and terrible challenge. More wonderful than terrible because this is a great precipice of change that we stand upon. And in order to grow, we must make that leap of faith to that enshrouded platform above us; that we do not know exists.
I highly recommend this reading: Why Doth The Heathen Rage?
And listening (Interview with David Kantor): Listen to The Cosmic Citizen on Blog Talk Radi


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