Cultural Shift; External Paradigm Shift

Paper 48, The Morontia Life in The Urantia Book, states:
What magic could death, the natural dissolution of the material body, hold that such a simple step should instantly transform the mortal and material mind into an immortal and perfected spirit?
The author goes on to describe such a belief as "pleasing fables" and "ignorant superstition". There goes my cloud and harp fantasy, dang.
And so, we are launched into a new world, a new existence, a new body, and then finally, the realization, that we are immersed in a whole new culture and way of life. Something so different, so indescribable from Urantia life that we cannot be given all the details because of our currently limited animal-based minds, our pre-conceived notions, our inherent selfish desires, and our quest to worship all things sub-God. There is a true danger of giving too much too soon. We can take this implied and explicitly stated advice to heart.
As I move further into the audio narratives of the worlds of Morontia origin and destiny, I can't help but get a new flavor from the audio content of The Urantia Book that I had never felt before from reading. (And I am a visual person) The audio soundscapes laid out to my mind a world not so fantastic to be so far removed from this current material world, to make me realize that we truly will start up where we left off here. And then it goes into further thought: what kind of projects are we involved in that will truly deem survival value in our Thought Adjusters? And this leads back to the Master's admonitions, advice, and warnings. We must offer service to others. We must guide them into truth, but only if their minds are seeking that truth.
What kind of service can we offer? Some of the most basic: being there for someone; holding someone's hand as they face physical death, being there for that child as they face challenges that they never should have (rehabilitating abuse victims, appearing in court as a temporary guardian for children, playing games with children in structured programs like Big Brothers/Big Sisters), being with seniors, who have a wealth of lifetimes to share with those who would just listen.
It's all so simple, but serious. So I realize more of it everyday.

Blessings to You. And remember, the Master said to Peter, "Feed my sheep."


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