We Are That Much More Responsible

However unfairly human contentions may sometimes appear to be adjudicated on Urantia, in the universe justice and divine equity do prevail. You are living in a well-ordered universe, and sooner or later you may depend upon being dealt with justly, even mercifully.
- The Urantia Book 373:2 | 33:7:8 | KJV Matthew 5:7

   How much more of a responsbility do we, as Urantia Book Readers and believers, carry as a burden of truth, to present to the world the unstifled, unabridged, uncensored, most accurate, revelation of our God-Man to date? How much more should/must we make that second-mile effort to lift up our brothers and sisters while yet still in the flesh? How much more will be held accountable, like the Stewards of the Talents parable, the Master so plainly explained to us?

That I and you realize this and make our daily adjustments in aligning our will with Father, is our saving grace. And though even all shall be upon bended knee, we will be brothers and sisters under the realized Fatherhood of God; shown first mercy, then divine justice.


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