Imagine a world where everyone is dedicated to serving one another and living for a single purpose. The Urantia Book, above all else, teaches and stresses the 2 real Commandments the Master gave us:  

When I read the criticism and fear (not hatred) that is thrown forth from Christian websites about The Urantia Book and all that surrounds it, I am saddened because the full message of Jesus lies within its pages.  It will burst forth into the world and take over all. But, if not from within maybe from within another existing religion?  Islam?  Buddhism? Or can we gain the support of the Angels of Progress in liasion with our Thought Adjusters, Primary and Secondary Midwayers to effect the "discovery" of the Master's Teachings right within Christianity? 
We may never know within my lifetime. We can certainly sow the seeds for change. And if the conditions are not right, may the seeds sown be strong enough to survive the frost of agnosticism, disbelief, atheism, and fundamentalism to await the day when they are ready to break through the old ground of theology and bloom the new revelation of Love and Service. 
May we all contribute toward that worthy goal. My prayer is toward that, above all else. 



  1. I think it is important to always keep in mind that many Christians feel that they had to choose between Jesus and science. They were given a very difficult choice, and all things consider, if this is the choice that they felt they had to make, who can blame them.

    Fortunately, these same Christians are often inclined to try to "prove" the authenticity of the Bible as the Word of God by showing how it is prophetic or, in some cases, consistent with science.

    Now that the UBtheNEWS project has been up and running for several years, we can start to speak to these Christians with the same type of reasoning that they employ. When they bring up correlations between the Bible and science or the Bible and unfolding human history, we can say, "Okay, let's compare those assertions of credibility with the ones being documented regarding the Urantia Book.



  2. Here is the Weblink for UB The News:
    UB The News

  3. Hello Mike, Halbert,

    Why the majority christians, even those who are above the average in intellectual capacity, do not get enthused with the Urantia Book is some thing that surprises me. The normal reaction of a christian to the Urantia Book is the same as that a non-christian normally does with a Bible. At least that is what I have seen. Any explanations to this ?


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