Sleepy Morality

Some things that have happened lately in my personal life lead me to believe that I suffer from some kind of sleepy morality. It's there, but it's asleep and needs to be woken up. I always talk about waking it up. Can I do this to save face and my personal life? I pray and ask for guidance.

I keep thinking back to what Jesus said about looking at someone with desire in your heart. 

Some links I have been to:


  1. Thanks for the link, Mike. I've linked back to this page. :Don at Mindful Webworks.

    I hear you on the moral battle. It's just something we have to keep working on, overcoming moral confusion in our programming. And accepting forgiveness as we forgive others.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Beautiful Presentation and Outreach idea!
    have place a link and preview at:
    Number 182

    God Speed


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